Whether you're hoping to get breast implants due to small bust size, health changes or to reverse the changes of childbearing, you probably have a lot of initial questions about the procedure, your options and whether or not this elective surgery is worth it for your lifestyle. Many women considering breast augmentation surgery have similar concerns.

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about augmentation. With this information, you can begin to plan consultations with health clinics in your area to get more details about this surgery. 

What Does the Surgery Cost?

Cost varies depending on what type of implant you choose, how much work needs to be done, the skill of the surgeon and the size of the implant. The average price is around $3,700 dollars across the United States, but if your quote is higher, this could be reflection of specific work you want done and the experience of your surgeon.

In the case of cosmetic surgery, experience is something worth paying for. 

Will I Have Large Scars?

Scarring is a worry that many women face, but the type of scar you have will depend on your body, your age and what type of implant you decide to get. Most surgeons place their incisions specifically to hide the scar while providing the easiest access to the breast. These locations include:

• Near the armpit. Most women are not aware that breast tissue extends up toward the armpit. Generally, this area is not as commonly viewed as part of the breast, and so the incision is made here to be out of the way.

• Under the breast. Breasts naturally fall at a crease near the bottom. This crease hides a scar easily.

• Around the areola. The change from dark to light can hide a small incision. This is a common place to cut for saline implants, because these require much smaller incisions than silicon. 

• Near the bellybutton. Not as common as the other areas that provide direct access, this incision site is only viable for fillable implants.

When you choose a surgeon and set an appointment, you can ask what placement will work for you.

Will Implants Change My Breast Shape?

Many women choose implants because age, childbearing and years of exercise can pull the breasts downward. They hope that by choosing a large implant, the "droopy" shape of the breast will be fixed.

While more volume will improve the shape of the breast slightly, women who are hoping for a more youthful appearance might consider a breast lift instead of or in addition to implants. A breast lift helps to correct the sagging, stretched skin without adding or taking away from existing breast tissue. 

Some women also worry that the weight of breast implants will cause their breasts to sag more quickly. This is not the case. Instead, eating a healthy diet to maintain skin elasticity and choosing a supportive bra will help combat sagging, just like with regular breast tissue.

Can I Still Exercise With Implants?

You will still be able to live an active life with implants, though it may take some time to find the right supportive undergarments when you participate in high-impact sports. If you are an active individual who wants to maintain a regular work out schedule, talk with your plastic surgeon about making sure that your new cup size will not be too hard to get used to. 

What Options Do I Have?

The most common breast implant materials are saline, silicon and another type of silicon called cohesive gel or "gummy bear" implants. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Saline implants are less expensive and they are not harmful should they leak, since saline is easily processed and excreted from your body.

Silicon implants feel more realistic but they require a large incision and more follow-up medical care. 

A new type of surgery, which is far less common, uses fat deposits from other parts of the body to build up the breast. However, the results are varied and the process takes much longer, so this surgery is more experimental. 

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