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Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery in Greensboro

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic Tattoo Removal


While the majority of people with tattoos are happy with their body art, 23 percent admit to regretting their ink. If you don't still love your body art, you have options. There are cosmetic tattoo removal procedures that can reduce or eliminate the appearance of tattoos.

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Your Guide to the Brow Lift


If you’re considering a brow lift to improve the appearance of sagging eyebrows and deep creases, then here's what you should know about the procedure.


Five Reasons to Get a Tummy Tuck


Everyone deserves to have a positive image of their body. You may have a weak and sagging stomach due to age, extreme weight loss or pregnancy. Abdominoplasties, or tummy tucks, help patients get a firmer stomach, tighter abdominal muscles and a restored belly contour. They have become more common because of their benefits.

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